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MCKS Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

  • Embassy Suites SFO Waterfront 150 Anza Boulevard Burlingame, CA, 94010 United States (map)

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 10:00am - 10:00pm
San Francisco, CA

Ancient meditations, kept secret for centuries, will be revealed and taught to the public for the first time. These techniques allow you to accelerate the Union of your incarnated soul (often described as the personality or lower self) with your Higher Soul (Higher Self). This phenomenon is known as "Soul-Realization", "Enlightenment" or "Self-Realization".

The Higher Soul is a seed of God's Divinity within all of us.

Through the Higher Soul, we are made in the Image of God!

Being One with our Higher Soul, we become One with the "I AM", the Christ, the Buddha, the Shiva, the Krishna Nature within all of us...
Learn the Inner Secrets of: the Blue Pearl, the 12th Chakra, the Medical Caduceus to Raise the Kundalini Shakti, the Silver Cords...

  • Learn to experience Peace, Calmness and Clarity in the midst of a busy and chaotic work/home environment
  • Invite your loved one to meditate together and experience Spiritual Intimacy and reignite your love for each other
  • Learn how to release old emotional baggage and create positive changes in all your relationships
  • Use Words of Power (mantras) to quickly achieve Inner Stillness
  • Experience "Coming Home and Being One with All"
  • Discover the unique state of Total Peace and Expansion of Consciousness & Awareness within minutes of meditation.
  • Tune into the Inner Light and Intense Bliss of the "Blue Pearl" or the "Seed of Consciousness" within you.
  • Increase the size of the "communication cable" between your Higher Soul and incarnated soul.

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul by April 4th $ 350.00
Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul AFTER April 4th $ 400.00
Review: AOHS by April 4th $ 30.00
Review: AOHS AFTER April 4th $ 50.00
Deposit: AOHS $ 100.00

Make it a weekend of Immersive Training with the Pranic Healing Course at a packaged discount!


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