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 Anchor the Light, 21 Days of Meditation

October 9-30, 2019

We invite your to participate in these 21 Days of Meditation to ‘anchor the light’ within ourselves, our communities, our countries and the world.

As you do this meditation, it will have a harmonizing effect on the 3 aspects of Love, Light and Will within you.

By balancing these three aspects within us, we are able to properly handle situations in our lives better and our actions will manifest as goodwill towards all.

As we share that energy with our communities and the entire earth, we are energetically encouraging others to awaken these three divine aspects within them and to manifest the goodwill within each of us.

Try doing this meditation daily over the next 21 days. You can:

  • Do the meditation once in the morning

  • Do the meditation twice, once in the morning and once at night

Let us all be instruments of Love, Compassion, Understanding and Unity.

Meditate Now!