Why ‘all hell breaks loose’ when you decide to improve yourself

Have you noticed things in life getting a little crazy and unmanageable just when you have decided to focus on your personal & spiritual development?

We don’t mean just one thing but more like one thing after another seems to ‘go wrong’ and create more difficulty for you. Almost as if you are being challenged by ‘the universe’ to see if you really want to change, progress, develop and improve yourself.

No you’re not crazy. This is actually a normal experience that many people have as they consciously choose to start meditating, being of service and working on just being a better human being.

It’s called Karmic Acceleration.

In this video, Master Co shares what is actually happening to trigger “all hell breaking loose” as well as how to have a relatively smooth path of personal and spiritual development that doesn’t feel like your world is crashing around you.

He will share how you can have a structured and consistent spiritual practice to empower you as well as live a balanced and fulfilling life without having to sacrifice one over the other.

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