Love is the Shortcut to Enlightenment


Let us first define, what is enlightenment?

It is the realization that you and I are beings of light. When in deep meditation or prayer, we don’t feel the butts on the chair or any external sensations. We turn within and experience that part of us that is the Spiritual Self. This is the Soul, made of pure energy with consciousness. When we move through life with that realization, this is a form of Enlightenment. It’s a knowing that we are the Spiritual Self, made of Light that is functioning through this Earthly life.

There are many ways to experience Enlightenment. These methods are often times called Yoga systems. Yoga is simply the Union of the Higher Self/Soul with that part of the Soul that is exists in the body. By practicing yoga, our objective is to have an experience of who we really are without having the body die to do so.

There are many types of yoga. The most common one is Hatha yoga, to strengthen the body. there’s Karma yoga where we serve others and experience Oneness and contentment as we serve. However, the shortest path for most is through the Heart. This is called Bhakti yoga, or union through love and devotion. When we love others dearly we feel a sense of connection and contentment of making them happy. This is the foundation of Bhakti yoga. As we activate the Heart Chakra and we love others, it triggers our Divine/Spiritual Heart which is the Crown Center. When this is activated you experience a stronger connection with the Higher Soul/Self.

In this video you will be guided in a short meditation that will let you experience a glimpse of Divine Bliss by way of awakening the Heart and Crown Centers.

The purpose of enlightenment is not just to have the mental realization that you are more than just your body. By activating your heart and crown centers, not only do you experience a greater spiritual connection, but you also become a more loving, compassionate and heart driven person. You develop the qualities of a dynamic soul with the heart to serve and the will to do good.

The point of enlightenment is to be the light you wish to see in the world.


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