Ancient Ritual of Salt Water Purification

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good after a day at the beach? You feel lighter, energized, clearer. Why?

There are several energetic factors that are helping to purify you when on a more subtle level when you’re at the beach. The sun, air, earth and water are cleansing and energizing you physically, emotionally and mentally. These elements have a direct energetic effect on your aura, chakras, mind, emotions and overall energy level.

But you don’t have to go to the beach to get these amazing results. You can duplicate these effects any time by simply taking a salt water bath or salt water shower.

In this video, Master Co talks about the power of purification by salt water and how many traditions actually use this concept in their practices to help purify a spiritual aspirant.

Just like your body takes a bath or shower regularly to stay physically clean, you also need to maintain an energetic hygiene to avoid negative energy from building up. Things like stress, anger, frustration, overwhelm, minor aches and pains etc, can be minimized by regularly taking a salt bath or salt shower.

Tune in to this video and learn different ways you can keep your system energetically clean and your mind and emotions clearer and sharper. Why carry the weight of the day or week with you, when you can easily avoid taking these negative emotions “home with you”?!

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